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Often referred to as the "Dr. Frankenstein of sound"...

 Brian Wilson has been designing, installing and servicing sound systems for nightclubs and venues around the world since 1986. His interest in music began at a very young age when he started collecting records and practicing his DJ skills at home. At the age of 16, he started to perform in the New York City club scene, where he became obsessed with listening to music with a critical ear.


His exposure to various brands of audio equipment allowed Brian to develop a trained ear for sound clarity and the various components that create a state of the art sound system.


Brian Wilson Audio

Brian’s interest in music technology led to his first sound job at Heavy Custom Sound, Brooklyn, NY, where he gained experience in speaker re-coning, troubleshooting, and installing sound equipment. It wasn’t long before he joined Richard Long & Associates as a technician in the 1980s.  This is where he gained extensive experience working with a New York clientele including but not limited to, Palladium, Paradise Garage, Studio 54, and the famous Empire Roller Rink, Brooklyn, NY. 

Immersing himself in his passion for learning quality sound, Brian continued his education at The Institute of Audio Research in New York with a major in the principles of audio electronics and multi-track recording technology. As his passion for sound continued to grow, Brian expanded his skills to include custom cabinetry, designing and creating some of the most sought-after consoles and speaker systems.












In 1991 Brian branched out and started his own sound company B.W. Productions specializing in sound system design, installation, and operation.  In the mid 90’s he networked with sound engineer Steve Dash to build a console for club owner Phil Smith for renowned Sound Factory and Sound Factory Bar in NYC. This opportunity led to Brian working in association with Smith and Dash in a new business venture Phazon Sound, installing big venue sound systems in major cities around the world including Twilo (NY), Womb (Tokyo), Home (London and Sydney), Renaissance (Nottingham), Stereo (Montreal), Cream (Liverpool), and Guvernment (Toronto).

Adding to his current custom cabinetry accomplishments, Brian Wilson Audio has also created and installed a new system for the reinvented dance club, Quantum Brooklyn, New York.

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